Coffee, juice, smoothies, cakes, sweets, and lots of yogurt

Ricky'z yogurt at its best!


Choose from a wide variety of seasonal fresh fruit, delicious sauces and tasty nutritious

crunchy toppings.


Our coffee beans are ground fresh to your cup every time using the latest in barista technology to ensure maximum

freshness and flavour.

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The French word for perfect is parfait, and when you add whole grains and fruit to yogurt to create a delicious breakfast or snack treat, you are perfecting yogurt’s already considerable health benefits. Typically, a yogurt parfait consists of layers of yogurt, grains such as granola or crushed gram crackers and fruit. A healthy choice for breakfast, lunch or just a treat in between.

Yogurt parfait

Our specialty
When you visit a Ricky’z yogurt bar, you’ll be greeted by one of our awesome and knowledgeable baristas excited to help you. We take care of everything from grinding your beans to mixing in your cream and sugar; making our drinks true “cups of love,” as we like to call them. Here at Ricky’z, our mission is to better people’s days, and we can promise you that any way you have your coffee, we will make it perfect.


Our 100% natural fruit smoothies are made from fresh and vine ripened fruit with no artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Fruit & vegetable smoothies can fill you up, satisfy your sweet cravings and when made the right way, provide you with loads of vitamins and antioxidants.


Yogurt smoothie
We make the healthiest and tastiest juices available to everyone. Our juices are packed with vegetables and fruit, and never heat pasteurised which mean they are a quick and convenient way to make a healthier choice and get the nutrients your body needs. We cold press our juice, squeezing out every last drop of good stuff from the fresh ingredients. Cold pressing extracts up to 5 x more nutrients than traditional methods.


Cold pressed
Buy Sweets online from our Sweet Shop. We have a huge selection of Sweets and Amercian Candy,


Raw cakes
Our menu features different kinds of Brooklyn bagels all mixed and baked daily. Add in our variety of cream cheeses and yogurt spreads, and you have endless options to make that perfect bagel combo.


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